Wednesday, 10 July 2019


Please note: This blog is closely monitored by agentur of the power.
Comments never get through.
Donations never get through.
Emails to in relation to comments etc don't get through.

We would not be surprised if no human being ever gets to read this blog, only agentur of the power.

Because we have identified the actions needed to free humanity from the power.
They fear the spread of this content. 

With Love
Olive Farmer


  1. Seriously...

    You don't get any interaction on your blog because the stuff you write about is way out there.

    Your thoughts are not important enough for anyone to fear!

  2. Thank you, Anon.
    "Way out there" is where we are.
    We have been targeted for some while by the 'power' that relies on 'money' to control humanity. It fears the ideas that we propose, that humanity doesn't need 'money', that our human tribe did without money for all of history except the last couple of millennia, that 'money' controls our direction and speed of advance and points us towards evil rather than good. If that's 'too much' for humans to get their collective heads around then we have NO FUTURE other than endless war and utter misery. IF we can 'get it', then our future is wonderful. That's what's at stake.

    1. Not everyone has the same opinions as the first Anon! People are aware on the control system. What was the first Anon on this site for if they think the stuff is "way out there"? Must be another Power play.
      Ensure all material is saved offline. Print and distribute so information is not lost.

  3. Nicely put Anonymous! Olive Farmer is an idiotic troll on youtube. Complete and utter Fanny.!

  4. Replies
    1. Heaven, this is just for you: