Tuesday, 18 June 2019

For the Gilets Jaunes, the heroic "Yellow Vests" and for HUMANITY, a simple strategy to create the long awaited evolution of humanity.

You won't find this simple message in any so-called 'alternative media'.
Ask yourselves 'why?
You know, as all human beings are coming to know, that democracy is a sham, that leaders are corrupt, that almost all media lies, that Chief Executives are almost all psychopaths, that the pinnacles of almost all hierarchies are occupied by the wrong sort of human being.

It's that simple.

You know that the power behind all this wrong thinks nothing of shooting the eyes out of those that dare to say "Enough!"
You know that all wars, all revolutions that end in death camps, all starvation, all pollution, all organised criminality from drug dealing to international fraud and tax evasion, these things and many many more are orchestrated by the same hands.

You know that the bad guys are in charge.

You know that humanity is enslaved and are milked, as cattle are milked, and misery is the outcome.

You know this has to stop, and soon.

Wars and rumours of wars abound.
The world is overflowing with pollutants, from nuclear waste to plastics.

We human beings KNOW where this will end.
We'd be stupid if we couldn't see what's coming.
There are 7 billion of us. Together, we are FAR from stupid.

Those that own us have repeated their mass wars for centuries.
Used their corporations to manufacture pollution, then told us it's OUR FAULT!

Truly, it's time to start again as a species.

We most of us know what's right. We most of us care. We most of us want change. We most of us want to begin a world that is better for our children and theirs. 


We are meek, we feel alone, yet we humanhearted outnumber the bad guys millions to one.
Here is our power.


To evolve, humanity needs to identify and overcome the source of power that sustains all wars, all injustice, all harm.

We should not fight people, rather simply decide to collectively ignore the power source and the fake authority that derives from that source.

Without humanity's compliance the power will be negated.

The source of power is money created as debt out of thin air.

We most of us know this now.

Think further: The source of power is money itself.

Billions pay interest on fake debt created by banks owned by a few. We do not need to know who they are. 

Just stop paying their fake debt.
Don't march to get shot at. Don't seek leaders that can be bought. Don't smash what will need rebuilding.

If one or two do so, the power will send in the goons: Debt collectors, lawyers, courts, bailiffs, police officers.......

If ten or a hundred thousand do so in each nation then there will be no possibility of punitive action by the power. By sheer numbers we will overwhelm the power's servants, by simply refusing to pay.

This is a simple plan of action for all those human beings that have come to the understanding that our world has gone badly wrong, that power is vested in the wrong people and that those people don't give a damn about us, that those wrong people are behind almost everything that creates misery for human beings from wars to sickness, from fake revolutions to the death camps that always follow them, from fake justice to fake news, from bad education to perverse social engineering, from corrupt governments to corrupt police officers, on and on it goes.....

There are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions whose heart is with the Gilets Jaunes.
Millions who could, together, tomorrow, refuse to pay debt.
Millions more, across our human world, could follow......

We all have our lists.....and the finger of blame is easily pointed.....

What to do?

Don't try and fight the hierarchies.
Don't march and protest.
Don't riot.

Do this:
Come to understand that it is MONEY that is behind all of these things.
That most of what's wrong would not, could not exist without money.
It is the energy that drives EVIL and has done for centuries.
Can you see that?

Remember that we human beings in our tribal origins had no such thing as money.
Know that all money is created and issued as debt, and those that create and issue it can buy anything they wish, from water companies to power companies, from newspapers to TV stations, from politicians to fake preachers, from pharma companies to GMO seed companies, on and on and on.

THEY can buy whatever and whoever they wish. MONEY is NO OBJECT
They create it out of thin air! And WE LET THEM!

Almost NO alternative media suggest this thing.
Yet destroying the very power source of wrong IS THE ONLY WAY FOR HUMANITY.

They use that power to make the world bad.
They don't care who they starve or kill with bombs.
They don't care that the world is unjust.
They don't give a crap that their big corporations are polluting our air, our food, our water, killing life itself.
They just don't care.

We KNOW these things.

Here's how we rob them of that power.
It's simple to begin.
Simply refuse to repay fake debt, and ALL monetary debt is fake. 
IN our countless millions of human beings......... 
Simply refuse.

This is NOT an act of Revolution.
Revolutions end badly, always.
This is an act of EVOLUTION.
A single step that changes the direction of humanity forever.

This simple, peaceful act of evolution will collapse fake debt and so MONEY itself.
IT will collapse the power source of almost all evil.

In just a moment the terrible power given to those that create money from thin air will be gone.

EVERYTHING will change.
We will, after thousands of years, be free human beings.

Sure, there would need to be a heck of a lot of organisation when we have destroyed money, when we have destroyed the two thousand years of slavery that money has created.

Of course there would.

We'd have to be vigilant, so that fools don't spoil what we've begun.
We'd have to be honourable and see to our obligations.
We'd have to know that we humans have taken the power and be willing to assume that responsibility.
We'd have to look again at hierarchies in every walk of life and work out if we need hierarchies at all, and if and where we do learn how to find the wise and the good, the honest and the true to advise us.

This is no dream.
It's how tribal peoples, your ancestors and mine, learned to live.
We cooperated.
We shared.
There was stuff and there was human intelligence and muscle.
It could be said, it should be said, that this is how we were always intended to be with each other in our societies.
We shared the resources, we shared the work, we protected each others property, we ensured the wise and the good advised us.
Not everywhere, not in every tribe, not sometimes when we were fighting for survival.
But mostly.
And in those beginnings is a lesson for the future civilisation of an evolved species.

We aren't an evolved species if we don't know how to share, if we don't know how to give, if we don't know how to choose the wise and the good, if we don't realise we are ONE species that shares this beautiful planet.

We will have to be very careful: The power we have now won't like it that they've lost.

They'll do anything they can to stop us.
You Gilets Jaunes know this. The yellow vests of the world know this.

That would include pressing certain buttons that kill.
We'd have to prevent that.

That would include locking the gates to nuclear power stations and letting them all go 'boom'.
We'd have to prevent that.

That would include those that occupy the highest positions in every structure ordering their human staff to go against this thing.
We'd have to learn to say “NO”.

MONEY creates and sustains power hierarchies, from organised religions to mega-corporations, from armies to hospitals, on and on.
The money power is vested in those that occupy the top positions everywhere.
We'd have to tell those bosses that they are no longer required. 
Take the keys.
Humanity now owns those things.
We will need to organise the world to prevent harm.

You say you want change, change for the better, change that creates a new world, change that frees people, change that ends wars and ends injustice?
There is ONLY this way.
Take away the power of money.

It is inhuman. It is not 'of us'.

This will be an EVOLUTIONARY step forwards for our species.
The only choice we have to change the course of history and set ourselves free.

We are together in this, we meek billions that, by virtue of birthright, should inherit this earth.

Take a few minutes to consider the great benefits for humanity, beginning with NO DEBT, anywhere, for anyone. 

Things that need doing will be a simple question of the stuff needed to do them and the people willing to do the work.
Millions of 'non-jobs' will fall by the wayside.
We will gain free time, at last, as the benefit of our human inventiveness.
This is how it should have been....... 

Think of the downsides, mostly to do with panic and disorder, and then think how we seven billion human beings could act to make sure those downsides just don't happen.

Through organisation (we are brilliant at organisation), through fairness, (that's instinctive for most of us), through vigilance and involvement.

As tribal peoples we were all of us involved with our societies.
Leaving things to others was known to be an error.

It will take a generation, maybe two, to gain the full benefit of this evolution.
But we will be building the foundations of an evolved society.
A world free of war, of want, of unfairness, of injustice, of cruelty.
A world where never again will a very few be able to inflict terrible harm on an entire species.

It can be begun by simply, all together, saying NO to debt.
The great Gilets Jaunes could begin this thing.
Enter our new history by doing so.
By leading the human race out of slavery. 

You won't be alone.

WE ARE seven billion human beings, all different, but all human and deserving of freedom from an unelected few that own our planet.

There is only one way to do this.

Kill debt, not people.
Kill money.

Start Again as a species.

With Love,
An anonymous human being.
xxx xxx xxx

PS If you are human and reading this know that my visitor numbers are seriously affected by algorithms and that comments, and donations, never now appear. Wonder why?????? Simple. I speak of fighting the weapon the power has that controls our world. They don't like that at all.

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