Sunday, July 15, 2018

Upgraded your phone? MURDERER

We live in an interconnected world (I hesitate to use the word global...) and our human answers MUST be as one tribe, therefore must be 'global'. The fake alternative media push against this idea, because it is plain to see that the current 'globalist' demonic savages are to be feared, so it is easy to accept the 'nationalist' concepts that are actually a part of the cabal's plans.

Duped again, do you see?

These old fake ideas keep us separated.
They also let the richer 'countries' piss and shit on the poorer, your brother and sister human beings.

Changed your phone recently?
Got a new laptop?
Chucked out an old DVD?

Then you, and to my shame I, did this:

Let's see our guilt. Grit your teeth.
We have killed, but there is a new way, a global human way, a way that does without money, from which almost every evil stems.
Only a unified humanity, free of money, can stop this murder.
Open your mind to a moneyless world.

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