Sunday, September 20, 2015

You are made nothing, when you could be something....

Where to begin?

I could begin with one of a million major issues touted by the alternative media. I could address the flat earth issue, I could talk of the Extinction Level Event of Fukushima Daichi, I could discuss the overwhelming in-your-face satanic rituals of Olympic ceremonies or Super-Bowls or pop videos, I could draw you into thought about child abuse and murder, rattle on about the state of the artificial economy of debt, point to jews or Royals or Fascists or Banksters or Sabbateans and Frankists or Satanists or Jesuits, I could write of mind control, I could disparage the Sheeple, I could target Monsanto, or Big Pharma, or the surveillance state, or the illusion of Democracy or the quantum illusion of reality.

I could go on and on, and have.

And that's the point.

You can join a thousand forums, spend years educating yourself, follow hundreds of radioshows or Youtube channels, read as many books and follow as many blogs as you can, learn, learn, learn until you are full of learning and still you must understand that what you are is an empty vessel, as powerless as the day you began, as far from altering reality as you were ten years ago, part of nothing bigger than a few thousand bickering fools on one discussion board or another, all your effort and understanding rendered ineffectual.

You are made nothing, when you could be part of something.

As you will have noticed, the vile excrescences that shape this reality ignore you completely, because they know that they control most of the thought that enters your mind. They built the internet, with their "thin air" money, own the leading search engines, the leading operating systems, scan and crawl over everything there is out there in the aether, own all the major sites both the MSM sites and the alternatives.
You are in their pocket.

Have you noticed them holding back at all?

Or do you see them creating their wars, killing children, holding their fake elections, poisoning the planet and all the rest at an ever faster rate?

The barricade- manning  revolutionaries of the past believed in the false visions and rhetoric and skewed philosophies of their leaders, all of whom were agents of the power. So Lenin, so Mao, so Trotsky, so Hitler, so Ayatollah Khomeini, so the Mormons and the Witnesses of Jehova, so the Christian church and the Muslims, so the list goes on.

To change the world requires organisation, requires leadership, requires courage, requires sacrifice, requires money, requires belief, requires incentive and motivation, requires determination, requires the recruitment of adherents to the cause and the delegation of effort and the instilling of a sense of duty that is prioritised over all else.

There is not one genuine website or organisation that fulfils these criteria, but thousands that focus on specialised areas of the world power's intentions. New Age quasi religious sites and those of doubtful Gurus, the sites of the world's major charities and UN linked organisations drain the good-willed people of the world of their energies as they seek truth or seek to do good or seek to fulfil a sense of duty. The false "political parties" do the same, including all of the third and fourth and fifth "choices".

If, as I am, you are a father and grandfather, or you are a mother and grandmother, your world view is framed by your understanding of humanity as it is, a humanity that is the product of millennia of misrule, millennia of wrong being labelled right, millennia of the robbing of the poor to fill the vaults of the ruling elite such that the ordinary human being becomes tainted and misshapen as they struggle for that thing called life, ever under the crushing heel of the master class and their generational reign. If you are so old, you also recognise and instinctively understand the flow of history and therefore the place we are at today, always assuming you have escaped your indoctrination and have the vestiges of free will remaining and are of reasonable "intelligence".

Of course if you are already a victim of the great war machine, if you are an Iraqi or an Afghani or a Libyan or a Yemeni or a Syrian or a Ukrainian or a national of many more places in this world then you see this thing more clearly, for death and displacement and the end of things are your daily bread, misery the water you drink, the abandonment of hope the air you breathe.

Understand there is no future for humanity if we allow this to continue, this war between good and evil, this great and seemingly eternal battle for the consciousness and soul of humanity. There will be no ascension of our kind, no birth of a new civilisation, no future of beauty and right to replace the present of ugliness and wrong unless YOU do something.

And, dear readers, so very few as you are, do we try here to gather the mass of people in the world that want GOOD rather than EVIL. We have no leadership, we have no money, we have no organisation, we have only a very little courage, we are incapable of instilling duty and have no incentives nor motivators. Almost no readers. Almost never as much as a comment.

But we understand that all of these things are out there, all of these qualities, all of these people and all of that energy and determination. The raw material to change the world is out there.

It simply needs gathering together.

What we do have is an understanding.

That it has to start somewhere, and we will keep trying.

That there are billions of human beings that want the change that will end what is and create what should be, billions of conscious human beings that understand reality can be shaped by collective will, billions that are yearning this day for the heaven on earth that our species' ingenuity and goodwill and sense of justice could build.

We are as close to this possibility now as we have ever been.

The evil masters of this reality understand this.

We will keep trying.

With Love to you few,
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Olive and Aktina
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Audrey Ray said...

What do you do when You are one, and isolated in embracing positive change through love. Unplugging from the matrix is like a dream with no real intsructuon to accomplish it.

Audrey Ray said...

I believe there is Truth = good. And Lies= Evil. I seek truth, a higher consciousness and to be the change I want to see

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Audrey Ray,
The more I think about it, the more I sense that it is not the truth that will set us free, but the telling of truth. Our relationships with each other are at so many levels wreathed in lies, or unspoken truths. I believe that the evil relies upon this, that it has constructed a reality (of class or caste, of law, of false duty or obligation, of the very nature of humanity's sexuality and ideas like marriage or death, of a myriad other expectations) wherein we have forgotten what we are.
Speaking the truth, each of us, exposes our inner reality and destroys the facade. In telling the truth we rediscover our humanity and find that we are different creatures altogether from that which we are constrained to be.