Monday, June 15, 2015


You have a life.
Through it you are measured, tested, assessed.
Time flows slowly sometimes, the endless days of childhood summers, or quickly, days and weeks and months and years skidding by you almost unnoticed.

Then there are those rarest of moments when you are caught in a fleeting vacuum of inner peace and solitude or the warmth that comes from the close company of a companion to whom little needs saying, things being so understood between you.

And in that rare moment you look back upon the barely remembered ebbs and flows of the tides of existence and realise that time is not a constant, that it rushes to the fall.

The testing is always there.

Between each other we measure and assess, set tasks and count outcomes constantly, sustaining relationships this way as we check if the boat of our understanding of the other is letting in water.

These tests are now bred into us as we seek assurances that our Self is not impinged upon, as if our Self had some import outside of the whole, as if we matter except for what we can give.

How we came to be that way, how we arrived at a place so different from where we began is the story of the journey of a species from Eden into another place.

It is a story with which you are familiar, for it is the story of your existence, the story that lies behind the discomfort you feel, the story of the sacrifice of your true nature on the altar of mammon.

You look around you and know that the world is now a place where it is impossible to be saintly, impossible to right wrongs, impossible to see absolute justice done, impossible to forgive for forgiveness rests upon the proof of guilt and here in this place, and now in this time, the guilty go untried.

It has ever been so, as far as we can tell.

We speak of vast crimes against humanity, incredible wrongs perpetrated upon the perfection that was nature, yet know deep down that such titanic horrors are built upon a myriad of lesser evils, that they can not exist except for the smaller sins we commit, for we everyday sinners are the stones upon which the pyramid of evil rests and its firm foundations.

So it becomes evident that for the world to change, you must change.

There is, of course, another test running, ineffable in its complexity and absolute in its justice, cruel as a good parent can seemingly be.

This test is the purpose of the game, the reason for our being, the cause of all that is.

The creator made our consciousness and endowed it with free will.

It plunges us, life after life, into the programme that simulates reality knowing that whatever harm, pain, grief, love, friendship that happens occurs only to the physical entity, which exists purely as information within the mainframe of the server which houses this reality.

And so no real harm is done.

Time and time again, around and around we go learning from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
We are never really hurt.
For there is no reality here.

At the end of each game we step out and receive feedback, then, consciousness erased, we are put back into the game.

We are in school.
Learning to be good.

Currently failing.

The existence of absolute and utter evil is clear.
Its control of all that is in this reality is readily seen by those that have the eyes to see.

It seems impossible to defeat, for that would take all of us and we can not find the unity in love that we were born to discover.

Its purpose, too, is simple to understand for were the world not evil than there would be no test, you would be good because everyone else is good, you would lack nothing because you would exist in a world of giving and giving would be what you did, in accordance with your nature and the way things were.

Without evil, we cannot learn the beauty of good.

This test, this reality, is a cooperative test.
A test of the understanding that we must all live with love together, or live with evil alone.

We are one and the same, you and I, by virtue of this simple fact:
Whatever we all of us decide, shall be.

Read that truth again and let its power sink in.

It is our species as a whole that decides the reality that is shaped around us.

The world is a matter for our collective consciousness and we seven billion can make it a paradise.
It is simply a matter of collective will.
Born of unity in the simplicity of love and all that stems from love.

Currently our species is lost in a vast illusion, a false reality created of symbols and ideas, of hierarchies and beliefs, of falsehoods like money and debt and race and nation and boss and staff and rich and poor.

We are deprived of free will from the moment of birth and grow into an adulthood that is entirely a sham, for by adulthood we have learned to adapt to the evil and accept it as a necessity.

We all of us lie to each other all the time. We most of us believe in and would kill for one or another of the great lies. We have always done so, always spilt the blood of innocents on the altar of nation or religion or politics or greed for money.

Pathetic, isn’t it?
The unacknowledged truth.
YOU make this world evil, as do I.

It is the telling of truth, not its learning, that will set us free.

What this life, this learning expects of you and wants from you is the understanding of this truth.

Understand that you are a sinner, understand what it is that makes you sin, decide to stand aside from all that is connected with this sin and, in doing so, set yourself free.

It will cost you your alliances and friendships with those still living the lie.

It might cost you pain and grief and the loss of those things you cling to that you believe give you security.
It might cost you your life.
The burden is heavy.

But this is the mission, this the purpose and by such example others will follow.

The creator expects us to be careful and loving custodians of each other and of creation, expects us to have no tolerance for evil, expects us to have learnt the difference between right and wrong and to be absolute in our certainty and understanding of love and what stems from love.

Love is not a creature of bigotry, not a punisher of the expression of free will, demands no special clothing nor rites nor dogma. It is not the purveyor of morals that rest upon opinion but knows that we should do no harm.

Also, and more difficult, it knows that we should do good. Love is not reactive, it is a positive force, an incredible motive and creative force in what we think of as the universe.

Today, money makes the world go round.
Tomorrow, love will make it spin.

It will take you to change the world.
It is you that is being tested.

Stand out.
With love.
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
Xxx xxx xxx

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