Sunday, January 11, 2015

This is not a drill

This is not a drill, this life, this consciousness ride through the false reality, this game with no restart button, this play of just one act.
It is your chance, your given moment, your dream made physical for the purpose.
You have time, a series of moments that forget what was and cannot see what will be for neither exist and so you have only now to do your thing, to do the right thing.
You are the entity you call "I", inhabitant of the meat machine that grants you the experience, the touch and smell and light and sound of atoms of nothingness made real by the operating programme.
If you live for a hundred years they will seem as if they have gone in a moment, as indeed they have.
Physical pain will be forgotten once it passes but emotional hurt will exist within you until the light fades, for these are the true lessons. part of the learning process.You have given these hurts and have received them, sometimes without knowing for we are none of us fully conscious of our effect on others, most of us completely ignorant of how others see us and what lies in their hearts and minds.
The idea is to give less hurt, of course, in a reality designed to make that difficult, a reality that doesn't allow your consciousness to experience what others are experiencing, a reality in which you are rendered blind to the wake you leave behind as you cut through the ocean of life.
Together we seven billion souls create this reality. The world is a reflection of our collective being. This is the hive we have made.
The power understands this, the power undertands that it derives its strength from the engineering of our collective consciousness.
It shapes the reality such that to do no harm is almost impossible.
You buy, you pay tax on that purchase,the power spends that tax on war or false justice or a million other wrongs, you are guilty as an accessory to child murder. All of you.
It focuses its attention on the consciousness of the species as a whole, for in that process it shapes the world and makes it evil, takes creatures innately good and makes them rotten.
It will take almost all of us to colour this picture different.
We have to reshape reality in accordance with our will.
We will have to cast away what has been built, the carefully constructed paradigms of the false reality, and start again.
That is the purpose.
We have this game only to achieve the goal.
And your time is ticking by.
Love is the essence of humanity, that which we are twisted and lured and cajoled and bullied and damaged and taught to forget.
That essence is what you were and still lives deep inside your consciousness.
Call it forth.
This is not a drill.

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