Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Darkness Rising.

There are divisions amongst us humans now that are not new but are more apparent.

There are the stupid, always with us, created of atoms in the womb, consuming atoms for the moment we call existence, returning to atoms at the end, then rock or tree or ant or water.

In between times they are believers.

They believe in this reality, take from it what they can, suffer its injustice and cruelty or be a part of that injustice and cruelty.

They are the audience, spectators of life awaiting the entertainment life throws at them, questioning almost nothing, never understanding what could be, responding only to the stick or the carrot. Marx described them as the lumpen proletariat. They are as clay, their consciousness, what they believe in, shaped for them.

The world stage is set for them, the rules written long ago, the chief players using them as pawns in their great game. They were the millions mown down at Ypres or the Somme, they were the train drivers en route to Aushwitz, they are the US Marines, they are the screamers at X factor and were the audience at the coliseum watching Christians supply atoms to lions.

They are bit-part extras in the dream called life, in this persistent illusion.

If our masters require a crowd scene, an angry mob, a dark uniformed cadre or a frothing at the mouth machete wielding horde of true believers, they get the call.

They are easy to persuade of the need for revenge or the necessity of righting a well placed wrong or blasphemy. Mastery of this reality means mastery of the image of humanity and mastery of the plot-line fed into the consciousness of these billions, turning them this way and that, creating of them the lynch mobs.

Oh dear.
The controllers of this reality have all of those instruments of persuasion in their hands, including this internet.

The mob are the dupes that cause the rest of us to cower in fear, endlessly.

What chance a brave new world when we still have such creatures in this one?
Oh man, look at them cave men go!
As Bowie had it.

Then, of course, there are the educated, the learners by rote, those that have a speaking part. Mr and Mrs reasonable that cannot conceive of vast and sinister machinations because nobody they respect the opinion of has alluded to such a thing, they have never seen it the pages of their broadsheet, never watched a serious documentary about such a ridiculous idea, so it cannot be true.

If it was, then surely their government would have referred to such a thing, their police made people aware of and arrested the bad guys, their courts imprisoned them, their minister warned them, their middle class friends spoken of them at dinner or when dropping off the kids at school?

These educated dupes, our betters, form the sinew and gristle of the systems that entrap humanity. They populate the hierarchies established over time that establish the belief that one human can be somehow more than another human. They believe they are succeeding when they grow fat on the work of others, buy the bigger house, wear the better labels, build the bigger pension fund, have the title.

They are the ones that tell the burger flippers when to flip. They are more dangerous, though, because every time our masters give us a new organisation they are the ones who seek to climb its greasy rungs.

In the UK the top accolades for these shits is the Knighthood or the Peerage, baubles from the “queen”. Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Cyril Smith, Sir Cliff Richard, Baron Peter Mandelson, Sir Edward Heath, Lord Brittan, Sir Peter Morrison and many, many more in the Fellowship of the Ring.

There are ladders placed for the educated to climb, rewards to be earned at each level, traps baited, promotions to be earned, power over others to be awarded.

Did you ever see those assault courses built for squirrels?

Through school they appreciate that they are better at remembering than others, and that this reality rewards better memories. They become systemised. They collect gold stars. They are told they are better than others. They begin to believe it.

Their assault course begins there, and becomes their very life.

Ever running, ever trying to be first, they yearn to be highest.
Look at me, Ma, king of the world!

Yet at the end, as for all things, lies the cliff edge of oblivion and the inevitability of what is, returning them to atoms via worms.
And then worm shit.

For all their running that’s the reward.

For all their efforts in the moment we call life we know they are just worm shit in waiting, like the rest of us.

Their stupidity lies in their pathetic addiction to the treats tossed to them as rewards for doing their tricks.

Their tricks involve trampling over other people to get more, the rewards tossed to them from the high table for doing the hard work of creating a false reality for the governors of this moment, for making sure that the power can continue to exist.

Promotion is the word that has been coined.
It means getting to stand on other people.
One is reminded of the gas chambers, the pyramids of bodies reaching up to the roof in an attempt to escape.

Who got to the top?
Or who opened the vent and tossed in the pellets?
Who cleared the bodies away for the next file of shower takers?

It is the educated who are most to blame for how things are, for chasing the scraps tossed from the table-top like lap dogs, never for a moment thinking how things might be, how things should be, how things could be if only they were a little bit intelligent instead of being just good learners.

A hierarchy can only exist while there are those willing to fight their way up the ladders, ergo those climbers ensure the continued existence of the power that rules the world, the power that placed those ladders, the power that sits at the top of them all.

Next time you see the headless corpse of a child, understand that the educated are more to blame for that sickness than the stupid, who are, in their way, blameless.

So the world is populated by the dumb and the dumber.
The dumber being those who should know better.

And us.
The Problem.

As many of us now know, there is a darkness rising in the world again.

Now, if you can think, you can see its revelation.

Neither the educated nor the stupid see it, which leaves those who are of an enquiring mind.

We who are the chief focus of those that shape this reality, because we are the only threat to the power.

And what a pitiful and numberless threat we have been rendered.

We are, even so, the target of the greatest deceptions.

The rest are accounted for and around the world are already responding to the orchestrations that will lead to absolute chaos from which will emerge absolute power.

That we are the target of special attention is logical.

Understand the strategy that underlies what you believe is your awakening.

They made truth seekers.

They created a vast lie called 9/11 and, using the internet and their false leaders they searched for and found us, all of us that can see through the lies.
They were looking for us.
Now they have found us.

Our masters understand that at all costs we must never find unity and stand together, nor even discover how many we are.

We might realise we are enough to tip the balance if we act together, and that simply wouldn’t do.

The agents of the power, and they are legion, feed us titbits of truth buried in a raging torrent of information. These are truths we would have discovered anyway, so their agents, their agentur, own the uncovering and control its progress.

The paedophile/Satanist/ child-murdering/Nazi/bankster/organised-crime/intelligence agencies/Royal demons that form the host that shapes our reality are exposed to us now.
They care not.

Even their utter depravity, their child raping, child murdering cannibalism cannot penetrate the consciousness of the mind controlled creatures we call human beings.

But this exposure, now being echoed in the mainstream media they control, doesn’t worry them.

Ergo something is close. Absolute power nears.
You don’t scare them.

Those that expose them, the Ickes and the Exaros and the Aarngirfans and many many more draw us into their webs, drip-feeding us information, granting us learned helplessness and keeping us from reaching for our Spirit.

They all of them lead without giving focus to unity.
That is their function in the deception.

These deceivers are all of the blood.
Let me explain.

Our rulers have always enjoyed the fruits of their labours by raping anything that took their fancy, baby or child or adult, boy or girl. They still do.

Droit du seigneur, jus primae noctis.

In this process they have disseminated their genes amongst us human beings.

Those that have the gene include your local bully, the boss who’s a bastard, the murdering paedos that fill the benches of our various government buildings and church pews across the world and are predominant in our children’s homes and children’s charities..

Violent paedophilic psychopathy is genetic.

In my life I have come in contact with many of these lower beings, strutting their stuff as CEO’s, Lord this and Sir that.

They will have anything they desire.
The higher they get, the more absolute this ability to have anything they desire becomes.
This is the lure for the very best of the gene pool, the most psychotic.

I sense their difference.
It emanates from them like some cold force, stirring fear.
There is something other in them.
We humans recognise it as alien, as strange to us and react sub-consciously to it.

Know this:
In the old days their power over us was so complete that, with their gangs, they could ride up to your door and do whatever they chose.
They raped, they pillaged, they made us bow and thank them for visiting their vileness upon us.

They yearn for the return of those old days.
It was lots more fun.
They didn’t have to hide what they did, nor what they are.

They want it all again.
This is why their agents reveal them to us, because they have planned for and are confident of it not mattering.

We knew our kings and what power they had over us and we were helpless.

There WILL be a new world order, as Bush so confidently informed us.

The precipice draws closer, friends.

In the Ukraine the fascists are in charge, ready to crank up the situation as directed, and as we see the warmongers are pushing their lethal product into the fire:

There the warring gangs, numbering as they do a few groups of ten or fifteen thousands but organised and violent, are cowering the vast majority, whipping up sentiment, arousing old hatreds, making the image of an entire population seemingly at odds with each other.

They are not.

As everywhere where these things are happening huge numbers of the population want NONE of this stuff.

They want to live in peace and normality, not fear and hatred and bloodshed and the fast approaching leviathan of all out war.

There will be refugees, there will be genocide, it will spread like a virus.

This is how wars are made, and have been made, step by step with cold certainty they stir the rage and build the barricades to unity, stoking up old hatreds and the desire for revenge.

The meek, in their vast numbers, cower in fear as always and dream of normalcy, however bleak that normalcy was.

Helpless, because they do not know how many they are, do not understand their neighbour is their ally, do not understand that little courage would be required.

They are so many, those that carry the gene are so few.

We human beings are so easy, en-masse, to draw into these squabbles.
We are generally ill-informed, generally so divorced from our inner human spirit by living out our lives in the false reality that we fail to notice just how many of us there are that could stand against these tides.

There must soon be unity found in all of this, or we are doomed to allow the progress of this piecework Armageddon and the strategy of our current masters will have succeeded.

They will have chaos everywhere, so that their redeemer can appear to save us all….or at least those that remain.

The redeemer will have some tidying up to do, of people deemed not right for his new millennium. Conspiracy nuts, for example, made into terrorists by a few well placed bombs and a Manchurian candidate or two.

The mind controlled remnants will do his bidding.
They will have their zombie apocalypse.
The king of the world will announce himself.

Ordinary men and women everywhere should heed this, though you’ll never read this, for your normalcy will be threatened by these agents of disorder as they spread their global chaos.

No where will be safe from this, I fear, and nobody.

Those who jump on these bandwagons of hate, those who seek to indulge their passion for power and aggression that seek betterment from this chaos will discover, as others before them, that the rope and the lamppost or the gallows or the firing squad are the terminus of these ambitions, every time.

If you live by the sword, so you die by the sword.
If you fly close to the flame, you will get burnt.

Those who drive the situation, the power that sits and has always sat behind these mass killing sprees, care little for their dupes, the fools they allow temporary power to in their bloody chess game.

There are many that view these unfoldings as somehow unfortunate accidents, as shit that happens, lacking the intelligence or the desire to be correctly informed about the forces behind these phenomena.

Our masters have engineered these apathies.

So by logical deduction it falls to those who can think to begin something that fights back, that barges its way into the general understandings, that sets itself in numbers against the tidal flow of history, that challenges the consciousness control of the organisers of mayhem, that enters the minds of the vast numbers of peace loving human beings and offers them a choice they can make.

In other words, those who are awake need to unite, and focus and combine their efforts.

Find the human spirit, and arouse it, and gird its loins.

Because, in case you didn’t notice, this is by way of a final battle for humankind.

Regardless of what the disinformation agents say, our response must be global.
No nation can take itself out of the system and survive.
No leader can lead such a nation and survive.

The message to leaders has been clear: We will have your head.
They took Saddam’s head.
They took Gadaffi’s head.
They like taking heads. Look at the history of kings and see how well the axe features. Look at their palaces and see how the heads of poor animals feature.
They like taking heads.
Look at their French Revolution.
Taking heads is their thing.

The Human Spirit must be found, and unity in it.

The meek must inherit the earth.

It must be Global.

It must have no leadership.

It must be an idea, understood first by those who are awake and so the chief target of the power, then spread by them to become universal.

It must be simple, yet recognised as RIGHT.

It must appeal to human beings across the world, speaking to them of their inner nature, their core understandings, their Human Spirit.

It must unite humanity.

Read and share and pass this pamphlet on:

With Love,
Olive Farmer.
Xxx xxx xxx

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