Thursday, October 17, 2013

For You.

Product of lying histories
Born into ignorance
Our lanterns are dark
Casting no light forwards
Dimly illuminating our bloodied past
We crawl on our bellies
Into a tomorrow that is bleak

Fear is our daily companion
Uncertainty our measure
Those that can, dance
In dancing, oblivion
The rest shape themselves foetal
Remembering bliss
Fingertip gripping the edge of the abyss

What stays your hand from holding mine
What dark force prevents you
Do we not share a purpose
Are our aims not the same
To find a way through this artificial labyrinth
And find at its centre
The understanding of love

And in that finding that simplicity
Find too our authority
To uncover our true light
And finally see our way.

Hold hands, friends.
Love olive & aktina
xxx xxx xxx

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