Friday, June 3, 2011

What's real?

If you scour the net for sites like this you are seeking something.

Think of a monkey, looking through its primate eyes at the world that is the creation of another primate. Some things it will work out, most of what it sees remaining beyond its comprehension.

Its reality is composed of natural things, which it knows better than you or I, and created things which fail explanation.

Such is our condition.
In fact, our condition is worse.
We have been weaned off our understanding of natural things and largely do not understand how the created things that form our reality work.

If your computer breaks, can you fix it?
Your central heating?
Your car?
Can you fix the myriad of societal problems that cause you to lock your doors or pop a poison suicide pill that you've been told will make you better?

We have been gifted complexity, only to discover that it makes us ignorant, makes us sick, and yet it is so utterly complex that we cannot see how to unravel the whole construct and get back to what really matters.

The spider's web has its sticky threads everywhere you look, and its hard to break free.

And you want to.

Most of us do.

Most of us want to live a life that is free of worry, free of fear.

The conditioned herd think they want “stuff”, because what was there in place of “stuff” has been stolen.

Good will.

The conditioned herd equate freedom from worry with money, because what was there before money has been lost in the mist of time and overwhelmed by the false reality.

We live in interesting and confusing times.

Our masters are driving us towards the endgame and the position of the finish line is known only to them. The rules of the game have been devised by them. The knowledge we think we have is knowledge controlled and allowed by them. The sides we take, indeed the very idea of “sides”, are controlled and manipulated by them.

Everything you and I think we know, think we have a grasp of, is the progeny of thousands of years of their close and ordered control.

I used to think I was educated.
Now I know I am ignorant.
The game is fixed.
The table is tilted.

Quite simply, we haven't got a clue.
Our ignorance is monumental.
Our stupidity a matter of record.
We still allow ourselves to be manipulated into hating each other, killing each other, arguing and scrapping over “stuff” and “isms” and “faiths” instead of being what we should be.

If, like me, you ponder the future and have a remnant of instinct you know great things are afoot. The world is in flux, the cosmos is changing, our planet and everything on it is in motion and even those of us that seek knowledge and understanding look for answers in an electronic library that is the creation of those we seek to undo.

Even the idea of such momentous impending change is promulgated therein.

And still we don't know why.

Still we are monkeys, failing to comprehend.
Still we follow whomever is given to us to follow.
Still we seek leaders and hang on to those that offer “HOPE” and “TRUTH” and swallow whatever bullshit they serve to us.

The peasants of France believed in the revolution.
The peasants of Russia believed in the revolution.
The peasants of the USA believed in revolution masquerading as “change”.
Obama the Obamination.

The peasants seeking “truth” believe in revolution.
A committee of other Blavatsky-ites?

These scum are spewing their spunk all over your face and laughing (if you will please excuse my crudity).

The answer?
Taking control of knowledge.
Holding hands.
Starting again.

There is an opportunity now for humanity to do these things.
Can we take it?
We monkeys?

Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

(As the red tailed dragon approached the olive farmer hugged his trees and murmured soothing words:
"The end is just a beginning" he said.
And "Fear nothing".
And the tree was comforted, and bore fruit.
Let those that have three eyes, see.)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Olive.This was a great piece.Thanks to you.