Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not waving, but drowning.....

I wonder if you are a soul like me?

Imperfect in reality yet striving for perfection in ambition, as much as the world will allow it, inexorably sucking you as it does into its whirlpool of sickness and evil.

The world, this false reality, does not allow you to be the fine human being you could be and should be and, when the time soon comes, will be.

Be around for that, my dear friend.

Are you a seeker after truth both without and within, a yearner for peace and and a dreamer of a better place, a seeker of solace and peace in an uncertain world?

Do you pray for solace and peace for all?
Or is it you first, and the devil take the hindmost as the false reality insists you behave?

Do you feel your hands bloodied with the guilt of our species, yet carry some of that guilt yourself, caught as you are in the vice of the false reality?

Would you defend yourself with passionate but misguidee anger when attacked, yet understand that for peace to reign we must all learn to defend ourselves with the bare and apparently feeble blade that is love?
To turn the other cheek though it costs us our life?

This has ever been the crux of the matter.
The man facing the tank with his carrier bags of shopping strikes at the core of this thing.
Can we be as brave as he?
Can we face death armed with rice and conviction?
Or even with no rice.........

There is a new paradigm, a new world, a new consciousness that will be born of such bravery, such selfless acts that demonstrate the greater beauty that lies within our species.

They will be needed, these acts, as much as and perhaps driving the acts of disobedience required of the uniformed, armed and blood hungry that at last see the shame in what they do and lay down their arms, though it cost them their lives before the firing squad.

These uniformed humans......
In their youth and in their addled middle-aged star wearing grandeur they unwittingly and some in full knowledge perpetuate the misery of the entire species of which they form a brutal, ugly and sad minority.
To use force of arms, death and mutilation, to glory in such abhorrence, these sick behaviours have ever been cultivated by those that control us, paying these pathetic souls with a uniform, a chest of worthless metal insignia that measures the success of a killer, a cheap box within which to lie having helped sustain a lie.
Sub-humans all, they will be marvelled at by history students in the future that parcel them up with the guards at the death camps that have littered history, students who wonder at the depths to which humanity once sunk under the tutelage of the freaks that currently run the world.

We live in a special time, dear friend.
These are times of choice.
Do you kick and scratch and claw for a place on the boat?

These times, these moments of choice are a reality now for many as the chaos unfolds.

Across the Muslim world, across much of Africa, across the drug-lord south Americas, in the dictatorships, in the darkened-by-violence alleys of countless cities, in the maelstrom of destruction that is Japan (with worse to come there), in the debt crushed and forlorn slaves to the system sucked dry of hope the world is in the new dark ages, bereft of hope wherever you turn, absent of sanctuary.

We spin and turn in this whirlpool, desperately paddling to stay afloat, borne upon currents of our own making that drown so many of our kindred.

When we are drowning, because we fear death, do we kick and gouge the innocent and weak for a place on the boat, for sanctuary?
If we do, then shame on us.

In a better world we would strive to be last.

That is love.

That way lies the future.

Olive. Xxx xxx xxx
This year the rain has fallen, bringing the promise of renewed health to the olive trees after years of great shortage. Perhaps it's a sign.


covkid said...

This just about sums up the world situation very nicely.But our time will come olive farmer,our time will come.
Hope you get a good rainfall.


Grace said...

Your wise words have touched me like a balm. Peace.

Grace said...

Olive, love.

No peace without the love.

Thanks, good rain to you all.