Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Self v Soul, the last round....

As you drift in your personal reality, float in the ebbs and flows of the tide of your existence you might happen upon the flotsam and jetsam, the scattered and piecemeal fragments of your soul, the entity that whispers endlessly and most often unheard to your Self.
Unbidden and relentlessly unheeded it tells you right from wrong, speaks of the power of love, of humility, of forgiveness, of patience, of giving, of selflessness. These cries of the soul are drowned in the cacophony of existence, overwhelmed by the petty hurts you have received, outdone by the constant wheedling of the self, the impositions of need and want created for this very purpose by those that herd the flock of humanity.
That this age old malaise is approaching its end is difficult for sentient humanity to comprehend. We have, by mutual consent and for millennnia existed in an imposed and false reality, a reality that allows us to walk by a starving child, to take arms against others we have never met, to deal in death and destruction, to allow the wicked to lead us, to kill for them by willing deed or by apathy or by cowardice, to abuse our earth, to rape our wisdom and adorn ourselves in the trappings of wickedness and call it civilisation.
The most difficult part of this illness is the recognition that it is our own fault, that nothing happens without the collective will and cohesion of opinion of our species. This is our world and everything in it is of our creation, born of that thing we call free will, swallowed whole by our failure to recognise both our own power and the duality that exists within each of us, that capacity for good and for evil which we all possess, which few can face.
This duality, this learning from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, this yin and yang, black and white, this very essence of our being is that which we collectively must face, as a species understand if we are to evolve. In each of us is the darkness we call evil, in each of us is the purity of the light of love. True consciousness comes from facing these opposites and from choosing, finally, which shall govern our collective destinies.
That thing which is most to blame for our collective acquiescence to the perpetual rule of evil is the abject cowardice of the Self, driven at last and fundamentally by the fears of pain and of death, those two imposters that your Self counts as King and Queen of the false reality and are in fact as meaningless and insubstantial as the mist, each inevitable, neither avoidable, both fraudulent.
In the reality we collectively submit to our masters play these cards as aces to trump that which we should say or do in any circumstance, in the determination of actions where our free will should follow that which our inner selves tell us is right, is fair, is just there is ever the long lessons of existence and behind those lessons there sits the long history of fear and its careful and crafted organisation.
This thing we think of as the new consciousness of humanity, this evolution will not come to us as a free gift from the creator, as a great unveiling of the true power that exists within each and every one of us. It will come from our collective will, from a turning point in our understanding, from a great weariness of the misery we inflict upon one another, from the lessons of the ages, from listening to our souls, from learning why it was that we picked that fruit and from understanding. When we begin to act according to this understanding we shall at last become free, and with this freedom and this new existence in the light of love so will we finally evolve, so the next phase will begin. This is a statement of logic rather than belief, of mathematics rather than faith, derived from the inevitabilities we are approaching and the unerring consequences thereof.
The inevitabilities are obvious to those treading this path. That we are approaching the great crossing point is without doubt. We collectively as a species have our expectations heightened, those of vision from many races and times have left us their calendars and indicated the portents. The story about to unfold is expected by us, familiar to us in shape if not in form, a story as old as humanity and as oft repeated through the ages and in each of our own existences as the beating of our hearts and the trembling of our spirits. It is the last battle but not between good and evil for control of the future but between good and evil for control of our Selves.
Without the willing participation of humanity those that control our destinies become powerless. If we refuse their systems, refuse their laws, refuse to pull their triggers, refuse to be carried away by their lies and their falsehoods, their sweeping promulgations and their wicked and intricate twistings of truth, their imposed divisions that create enmity and hatred so they will become feeble, so they will wither and their false reality will implode and humanity will step, uncertainly and blinking in the garish light of that incredible thing called “control of our own destiny”, into the broad, sunlit uplands of our collective futures.
What will it take for this realisation? What will trigger this consciousness of our own power and the destiny we must share and must create? What circumstances will cause us to look inside ourselves, to see where we err, to recognise and master the evil within each of us and to forgive ourselves and extend that forgiveness to others of our kind who err as we do?
When a father teaches a child to ride a bicycle he understands that the child will inevitably fall, know that the child will feel pain, know too that the child will understand the why of this pain once it learns to master the machine and to feel the exhilaration that comes from being in charge of its destiny, the overwhelming sense of freedom it imparts, the rush and exhilaration of the thing.
It will remember the pain of falling, and avoid it for as long as it rides.
Such are the lessons we have been learning. The next, last, biggest fall we are about to take is the one we will finally learn from.
Fear nothing, for the reality that gifts pain and death is false. What is important in these approaching maelstroms of wickedness is that you conquer the evil within. Do not get sucked into the vortex, look straight ahead.
And keep pedaling.
I love
0 evil
xxx xxx xxx

Something is in motion right now, undetected but about to raise the stakes, unexpected and incredible. I don't know what it is yet, but as night follows day so the inevitability of its coming is unmistakable. If I can sense it, I guess you can too. Beware of deceivers. Question everything. Raise your flag where all can see it and be one of the myriad of lights glittering in the darkness leading humanity to the future.
The Olive Tree will be planted soon, if things unfold.
Dress warm.

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Anonymous said...

It's good to have you back Olive and thankyou for your continued posts. I hope things are on the up and up for you.

I too, have made sacrifices and that generally equates to financially going backwards. I wouldn't have it any other way as it appears to me that the further you distance yourself from this source of evil, the better off you are in the real world.

If the reality of being poor prevents me from making money off someone elses misfortune then so be it.

I'm done with it.

Keep 'em coming Olive.